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Wedding Catering: Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Caterer

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Choosing the best wedding caterer responsible for creating gourmet delicacies for your wedding can be a real challenge. There are a few things to consider before making your decision for the perfect wedding caterer for your very special day.

Choose Your Reception Venue Before Selecting a Wedding Caterer

Before you start shopping around for a wedding caterer, you should first choose the wedding reception venue. Most wedding reception halls have agreements where you can only use one of their caterers for your wedding.  This will make things much simpler, for you as well as for many of your other wedding vendors. By utilizing a caterer familiar with the wedding reception venue, you can rest assured that the servers and cooks will be well-versed with the kitchen and reception room area. This is very important for the successful execution of the main entree and dessert in addition to the serving of the beverages.

Decide on your wedding catering budget before you meet with the Wedding Caterer

Decide what your catering budget is before you begin meeting with wedding caterers. Ask family members and friends what they have paid for their wedding caterers to get an idea of what you want to spend per person as well as a total fee.

The cost of your wedding caterer will largely depend on the type of meal you provide at the wedding reception and HOW it is provided. A sit down meal (served meal) vs. buffet style are your two main choices and each have their own pros and cons. Sit down meals are wonderful because everyone gets what they ordered and they just relax as the wait staff serves the food and cleans up the plates while continuously refilling beverages on the tables. However, sit down meals are usually more expensive than buffet style meals and will cause you to do more advance planning.  For example, sit down meals will require you to send out meal cards in advance to get all of your guests’ meal selections, where you would typically let each guest pick from two or three entrée choices. And, the more options you offer your guests, the more expensive the bill. You will need to get an accurate count for how many guests want the beef entrée vs. the chicken entree (for example), and how many are vegetarian, etc.  Furthermore, you then have to have a seating chart which can be a headache if your families don’t know each other very well or there is a divorce on either side.

Buffet style meals, on the other hand, are more flexible with portions because people eat as much as they need and require less wait staff to serve food which saves you money. Also you have the option for more types of food because people can choose the sides they want or take a little of everything. You also don’t have to worry about getting meal cards from your guests in advance of the wedding.

Furthermore, a seating chart is optional with buffet style meals.  Buffet style wedding receptions cost about half to two thirds the price of sit down meals which works well if you are on a tight budget. Just make sure your wedding reception venue has the room for the buffet set up so that your guests can easily get to and from the buffet tables.

One of the most important – and most expensive – parts of the wedding catering comes down to the bar station. You have the choice of either hiring an external vendor who can provide the bar service, or else hiring a wedding caterer who can take care of the bar station as well as the food. Either way, count on spending a few thousand dollars on champagne and other beverages throughout the event. If you can’t afford to pay for two bottles per every invited guest, consider closing the bar after a certain time. Drinks can still be served at this point; however, guests will be responsible for paying for their own.

Get recommendations of great wedding caterers from your network of family, friends and co-workers

Ask friends, family and co-workers who have had or attended weddings in your area what good and not so good experiences they have had with food and catering. The quality of the food and service is important, but also find out how easy these caterers were to work with and how flexible they are.  Compile a list of the good references you are able to get from your friends, family and co-workers.

Your wedding reception venue might also have a list of recommended wedding caterers and other wedding reception vendors they have worked with before.  Equally, your wedding cake maker or florist might have worked with a great wedding caterer at a previous wedding.

Call the caterers you’ve heard good things about. Begin with them and include any that you researched on your own online or through the phone book. Schedule to meet with those you like from your phone discussions. Be sure to ask key questions such as general cost and availability up front.
Meet with and Interview the Wedding Caterers on Your Short List of Choices

Plan to meet with all of the wedding caterers from your short list. Ask about their payment policy (deductible or deposit included), details on what the wait staff and servers wear and what duties they perform, specifics on their contract and how long the meal will take to be served from start to finish.  Different caterers offer different amenities with their wedding catering packages and they also package them differently.  You need to find out exactly what is included and what is not. Listen carefully and take detailed notes.

Some provide china with their catering package while others provide disposables.
Some provide top and skirt for the dinner and buffet tables while others do not.
Some include labor charges in a per person cost while others have an additional charge for labor.
Some charge corkage charges for opening or pouring bottles of champagne or wine that they do not provide while others do not.
Some charge for special linens, chairs and other decorations – ask to see swatches if you need help with color and fabric selection.
Some have per piece wedding cake cutting charges if they do not provide the wedding cake.
Be sure to ask about their ability to provide the Bar service – there are usually a few different options (with different pricing levels) you have for the Bar station.
Some include gratuity a cost per person charge while other add gratuity based on the total wedding catering cost.
How do they handle the left over food and drinks after the wedding reception is over.

In addition to general information, you will also want to know some details that will impact your final decision of which wedding caterer you’ll select.  Here are some examples of other questions you might want to ask:

How long has the wedding caterer been in business? Consider their track record before handing over a significant deposit.

Has the caterer serviced the location where you are holding your wedding reception?  A wedding caterer who is familiar with your selected wedding reception venue knows what is required for efficient service of your wedding guests and knows the mechanics of the facility which means that there is less probability of mistakes, oversights or duplications of service.

Does the wedding reception facility charge the wedding caterer a “catering fee” to provide service at that location?
Some wedding facilities charge wedding caterers a flat fee or percentage of sales fee which means that your cost of catering at that facility may end up being higher than at other locations.

Has the wedding caterer provided service for a group of this size before?  If so, see if you can get references from the wedding caterer from the client they worked for previously.  It is also a great idea to view photos of previous events so you can see what the wedding caterer is capable of when it comes to presentation.  Good food presentation is as equally important as the quality and taste of the food.

How many weddings or other events would the wedding caterer be providing service for on your wedding date?  If your wedding caterer plans too many events on the same day as your wedding, you may run into problems with the wedding caterer if they run late on your event or another person’s event.

What is the ratio of servers to guests that the wedding caterer will be providing?

Does the wedding caterer take care of items like table set up and tear down and placing the tablecloths/skirts on the tables?  If the facility does not take care of table set up and tear down, someone will need to do it.  Some wedding caterers will handle the set up but not the teardown.  Others will handle teardown and cleanup at an additional charge.

What is the amount of tax and gratuity? Do the quoted prices include tax and gratuity or is it added to the food cost total?  Some wedding caterers include tax and gratuity in their per person charge while others add it to the total billing.

Is gratuity based on the total food bill or is it based on the total bill?  Some caterers use the food total as a base for the gratuity while others use the entire bill as the base.  If you are obtaining rental items, i.e. linens, china, glassware, etc. from the caterer and they are basing gratuity on the total bill this could add significantly to your cost.

How are leftovers handled?  In many cases there will be a significant amount of food and drinks leftover at the end of the wedding reception.  Some wedding caterers will package the leftovers for you while others will simply dispose of the leftovers. Tip: If refrigerated storage is not available at the facility, bring coolers with ice to store the leftovers.   Food that has been in temperature conditions of higher than 40 degrees F or lower than 160 degrees F in the case of heated foods for 4 hours or more should NEVER be saved due to potential food related illnesses.

How is the staff attired?  Some have a uniform standard while others are somewhat lacking in a uniform appearance.  Also, if you have a specific color scheme for your wedding reception decorations, you’d want to make sure that the colors of the catering staff’s attire doesn’t clash.

Taste the food you are thinking of selecting as part of your wedding reception menu

wedding catering service, event catering, wedding reception caterer
Most wedding caterers can have a taste testing meeting with you and your fiance so that you can taste samples of the food you are considering having at your wedding reception. Also, make sure you understand the presentation of the food as well.  If you are aware of any vegetarians, children or those with food allergies among your wedding guest list, see what options the wedding caterer has for those individuals.

If a wedding caterer does not offer tasting sessions, strike them off your list immediately unless you have tasted their food at a previous wedding.  Without tasting their food, there is really no way to decide if the wedding caterer is right for your wedding celebration.
Finally, book your wedding with the wedding caterer

wedding catering service, event catering, wedding reception caterer
Once you have decided on a wedding caterer (and have a wedding reception venue selected for your wedding) and have selected the menu it is time to reserve the service date and sign the contract with the wedding caterer.  Make sure they are insured and licensed.  As with all bookings, when you confirm your wedding caterer and the menu, be sure to get everything in writing. If you book a long way in advance, keep in touch with them in the run up to your wedding, confirming the final menu a few weeks before your wedding day.

The contract should be in the form of an agreement that outlines specifically what you are getting, when you are getting it, and what you are paying for – including an itemization of all labor and equipment charges and the specific services that will be performed by the wedding caterer.  Be sure that the agreement specifically outlines times and guarantees service on your date and time since some wedding caterers have canceled service of a smaller event at the last minute in order to service a larger event.  Be sure you fully and carefully read the agreement before signing it.

A Little Bit of Planning Goes A Long Way

wedding catering service, event catering, wedding reception caterer
Good wedding caterers are in demand and booked well in advance so may not be available on the date you want them. Also, decide what you want on the menu and some idea of how much you are prepared to pay before you start your research.  Try to obtain some recommendations for wedding caterers from your family and friends, and also use the internet for your research. Once you have obtained this information you will be able to eliminate wedding caterers who are already booked for your wedding date and who are out of your price range.  Next you will want to consider the menu options of the remaining wedding caterers.

If you have a specific menu in mind and none of the wedding caterers have the items you are looking for on their standard menus, you might want to check with them to see if they are prepared to provide your special dishes.  Professional wedding caterers are fully capable of preparing dishes besides their standard fare.

Choosing a good wedding caterer is essential to having a successful and memorable wedding reception!

Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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Need some wedding food ideas? You’ll find some tips below to help you make better decisions about the food served at your wedding.

The first decision that has to be made about your wedding food is whether you will hire a caterer or prepare and serve everything with the help of family and friends, of course.

Basically, a caterer will be more expensive but less time-consuming on your part and, therefore, less stressful. On the other hand, buying and preparing the food yourself will save you quite a bit of money.

A caterer can provide professional service in the preparation, presentation and serving of the food. Can you provide professional service by preparing and serving the food yourself? This depends on your volunteers.

If you plan to use a caterer, be sure to request a tasting session before signing the contract. Verify the quality of of the food and it’s preparation.

Even if you choose to cater the event, ask for the caterer to prepare the food for self-service. This will greatly reduce the cost since there will be no need for waiters and waitresses.

Get an accurate count of your guests. Running out of food sends a very negative message. Of course, having way too much food, adds an unnecessary expense to an already expensive event.

One tip for choosing wedding food is to opt for simplicity. If you serve foods that you know a majority of people like, you are sure to please.

Finally, serve your guests as quickly as possible. It is normal for guests not to eat before attending a wedding in anticipation of the food that will be served at the event. Hungry guests make for irritable guests. To keep your guests happy and the event joyful, serve the wedding food asap. In Italy it is common to serve a Wedding Soup, a rich and satisfying soup with beef meatballs, pasta, vegetables, onion and Parmesan cheese cooked in a pressure cooker. You can find books on pressure cooker recipes here.

With these wedding food ideas you should be able to make more conscious decisions about how and what you want to serve your guests.

How to Select Eco-Friendly (Conflict Free) Wedding Rings

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Many brides and grooms are opting to plan a “green” or “eco-friendly” wedding, making earth and environmental friendly decisions as they plan their wedding.  Couples can incorporate “green” considerations into almost every aspect of wedding planning – from what kind of paper the wedding invitations are printed on, to what kind of wedding toss you’ll use after the wedding ceremony, to what you do with the left over food after your catered event, to selecting eco-friendly wedding rings, and much more.  In this article, we’ll focus specifically on how to select eco-friendly or conflict free wedding rings.

What are Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings or Conflict Free Diamonds?

Eco-Friendly wedding rings or Conflict Free diamonds are rings and diamonds whose profits are not used to fund wars and which are also produced and mined under ethical human rights and sustainable environmental conditions. For diamonds, only those that are certified and can be traced from the mine to the consumer are considered conflict-free diamonds.  By having wedding rings that are eco-friendly or conflict free (for example, recycled precious metals and stones), it can reflect your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and preserving the earth for generations to come.

Are you concerned that “green” wedding rings might not be as nice or durable?  Don’t be fooled that wedding rings made of recycled precious metals are drab and dreary looking!  A good jeweler can match the look of practically any designer wedding ring and perhaps even add some additional nice eco-friendly touches you might have in mind. So, be sure to bring along pictures of your favorite rings to show the jeweler so that they can match your favorite style as closely as possible.

Some Background on Conflict Diamond Concerns

Since the early 20th century, diamond-rich territories have suffered profound devastation for their wealth. The term “conflict diamond” (or “blood diamond”, “hot diamond” or “war diamond”) refers to diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to fund devastating civil wars in those regions (such as Angola, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Burma, and Venezuela) that ended millions of lives were traced back to the diamond trade.  These conflict diamond funds have led to unprecedented violence, human rights abuses, the exploitation of child labor, environmental devastation such as the poisoning of local water sources or the pollution of rich agricultural soil, and the proliferation of terrorist organizations.

Although most people in the diamond industry are well aware of the existence of conflict diamonds, up until now, it has been extremely difficult to verify if a diamond is a conflict diamond and under what dire conditions that it may have been produced.  This is because these conflict diamonds have been smuggled into other regions, adding to the general circulation of diamonds, thereby making them indistinguishable from the rest of the diamond supply.

The diamond industry attempted to address the problem of conflict diamonds by outlining a process called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme by which a diamond’s origin could be certified.  And, in 2002, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was approved by the United Nations.  Despite these and other efforts, however, conflict diamonds still exist.

Available Options for eco-friendly or conflict-free wedding rings:

  1. When shopping for wedding rings, ask the merchant for certificates of origin which will tell you where the diamonds or gemstones originated from.
  2. Purchase US or Canadian mined gemstones.
  3. Purchase synthetic stones so that you can eliminate the mining issue and be sure you are purchasing “green” jewelry.
  4. Shop with jewelry companies that have pledged to  go “green” (use sustainable materials and fair trade practices in all aspects of diamond production and sales)  – such as Tiffany’s, The Signet Group, Cartier, Zales, etc.
  5. Consider handcrafted, beautiful wooden wedding rings, although wooden rings may have sizing and durability issues.  An option would be to consider a wood-inlaid titanium ring.  Note that some wood types are considered endangered species such as teak or mahogany – so look for wood types that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or other similar governing organizations.  Consider having one custom made for you.
  6. Search for vintage jewelry because no new resources were used to make the ring.  Vintage jewelry can be uniquely beautiful.  Antique rings, estate rings, or heirloom rings would also fall in this category which are highly collectible.
  7. Consider recycled metals – shop with jewelers, such as, that only use recycled or reclaimed gold and synthetic stones.  Or gather up your old jewelry and have a jeweler re-make a new ring for you using your own recycled jewelry.  This is important because an average pair of wedding rings made from non-recycled metal results in tons of waste.
  8. Don’t purchase a NEW diamond, buy USED jewelry.  For example, a ring passed down through your family from generation to generation would be a wonderful green choice.
  9. Consider a wedding ring made of coconut – which is light weight and strong.
  10. Shop for fair trade gold and platinum.  18 carat gold and platinum from reprocessed sources is an option.
  11. If you are looking for conflict free diamonds, try to find diamonds that are grown in a laboratory which is a popular alternative.
  12. Have a wedding ring made for you out of a silver coin (one from 1964 or earlier).  More recent coins are not made of all silver so they may look as good.  For example, a silver quarter makes a nice woman’s wedding ring, and a silver half-dollar can make a nice men’s wedding ring.
  13. Bamboo rings are a trendy alternative.   Bamboo is very durable and renewable.  You can have it stained to whatever lightness or darkness that suits you.
  14. Try a tattoo ring!  A slightly painful alternative!
  15. Consider cultured pearls which are farmed through aquaculture (water).  This is considered a lot less damaging on the environment than mining for gemstones on land.
  16. Consider glass beads over plastic which is not easily recyclable.
  17. Consider created gemstones rather than natural gemstones.  An example of this would be cubic zirconias.

What search terms to use when scouring the internet for eco-friendly wedding ring choices?

  1. alternatives to diamonds
  2. eco conscious jewelry
  3. hand crafted rings
  4. vintage jewelry
  5. ecologically responsible jewelry
  6. conflict free diamonds
  7. fair trade gold and platinum
  8. eco-gold jewelry
  9. certified conflict free jewelry
  10. recycled precious metal ring
  11. fair trade precious trade metal
  12. eco-friendly jewelry
  13. antique rings
  14. Brilliant Earth
  15. GreenKarat

Making the choice to select eco-friendly or conflict free wedding rings is a wonderful first step to show your support for a sustainable planet

The Meaning of Colors

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Color selection is extremely important even at the very beginning of special event planning…but where do you begin? You will need to consider picking colors that:

you love
fit the theme of your event
coordinate well together
reflect your style, the time of the year, or that have some personal significance, and
colors for which you can find products for your special event out in the marketplace without too much difficulty.

Color affects every aspect of your party planning, from selection of the invitations, party decorations, food selection, party favors, flowers, linens, formal apparel, to the thank you notes sent after the event has concluded.

Colors also have symbolic meaning and psychological effects on our moods and emotions, so this is important to consider as well.

Perfect Prizes for Bridal Shower Games

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The thrill of winning is great, but a little prize makes it all the more fun. Bridal shower games are not complete without prizes for the winners. It is extremely important to buy prizes that are attractive and unique, and at the same time not too tight on your pocket.

Below is a list of prizes for your bridal shower game winners that might be just the thing for your special event!

Address books
Bath beads
Bath oils
Bath salts
Bead bracelet
Bead necklace
Bubble bath
Bottle stoppers
Bottle openers
Cheese spreaders
Cocktail mix
Coffee mugs
Cookie cutters
Cute t-shirts
Day planners
Disposable camera
Fortune cookies
Fun flip flops
Gift certificates
Gourmet candies
Gourmet chocolates
Gourmet coffee
Gourmet cookies
Gourmet popcorn
Gourmet tea
Hair accessories
Hot cocoa mix
Incense sticks
Kitchen timers
Kitchen utensils
Laptop bag
Lottery tickets

Makeup bag
Manicure set
Measuring spoons
Measuring tapes
Mini bottles of wine
Mini bottles of champagne
Mini photo frames
Movie passes
Note cards
Pedicure set
Photo albums
Plantable seeds
Poker chips
Recipe cards
Ring dishes
Sachet or potpourri
Salt & pepper shakers
Scent diffuser
Shot glasses
Spa gifts
Special soaps
Stationery seals
Stress balls
Suntan lotion
Tea set
Telephone message pads
Temporary tattoos
Tickets to event (play, concert)
Toy rubber duckies
Toy tiara
Toy yoyos
Whimsical candles

Bridal Shower Games and Activities

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Here is a list of games and activities for your bridal shower. I hope you enjoy these:

Bride and Groom Trivia – Have some questions about the bride and or groom ready to be asked and see how many people “really” know about their to-be-wed friend. (questions can include things like, how they met, what was the first job that the bride held, etc.

Guessing Game – Find or buy a cute container or bottle and fill it up with jelly beans, uncooked pasta, chocolates, safety pins, or anything having to do with the wedding or shower. Make sure you know how many pieces are in it before you seal it up. Pass the bottle around and have the guests guess how many pieces are in it. Have them write on a piece of paper with their guess. Who ever is the closest to the true number of items in the jar(s) gets to take the goodies home or may win a prize.

Wedding Bingo – Make up some blank Bingo cards for each guest to fill in what they think the bride to be gifts will be. As the gifts are opened the guests mark off their “item” if they have it on their card. When the card is full they win a prize. (If no card is completed, give it to the person that marked off the most items).

Make a Wedding Dress – Purchase several rolls of white toilet paper. At the party, divide the guests into two or more groups of 3-5 people. Each group must choose a model for their wedding dress (mothers of the bride and/or groom work wonderfully). The goal is for each group to design and fashion a “wedding dress” out of toilet paper. Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquets, trains, headpieces, wedding ring, etc.), but they must all be fashioned out of toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride must pick the winner of the contest. Don’t forget to take pictures!  If you would like to try a different material (besides toilet paper), try using newspaper, tissue paper, or giftwrap.  Don’t forget to give your guests the tools they need to make their creations – scissors, tape and glitter!

Changing Gifts – You will need some floor space to play this one…get everyone in a circle and place some wrapped gifts in the center, usually a number less than the number of guests that arrive. Wrap them in all different size boxes, and colors and pretty them up with a bow or unique wrapping paper. The gifts should range from a really cheap joke or an inexpensive (like the anything less then $1.00 stores) to a few nicer gifts (bath beads, little picture frame, etc.) Set a timer for about 10 minutes (longer if you have more then 15 guests). Start with the Bride-to-be. Give her a set of dice and tell her to roll them. If she gets doubles, she picks out a prize in the center of the circle. Then start passing the dice around the circle. Anyone that gets doubles may take a prize from the circle. Once all the prizes from the center are gone (this is where the FUN begins!) the guests can start to taking gifts from the other guests, when they roll doubles or “trade” with another guest. Keep passing the dice around until the timer goes off. Whoever has the gift at the end gets to keep it! It is funny to see what gift the guests start fighting over because of the shape/size of the box or even the wrapping paper. Nine times out of ten the guests end up fighting over that joke gift! …NOTE… as you may have been able to guess, NONE of the gifts can be opened until the timer goes off at the end!

Touchy-Feely – You can use paper or cloth bags, so that the guests are able to feel the item. Find about 10-15 common items around the house (i.e., remote control, video tape, pen, tooth brush, etc.) and place the items in each bag. Pass the items around for the guests to feel. They’re allowed to 15-30 seconds to hold the bag, then they must pass to the next guest. They should have a pen and paper to write down their guesses. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Safety Pin – It sounds super easy but it’s not… you’ll need: bag of rice, safety pins and a blind fold.  Fill a large mixing bowl half full with rice (long grain works best) mix in about 50 or so small to medium safety pins with blind fold on have each person try to grab as many pins they can in a 30 second time frame. It’s amazing how competitive everyone gets.

The Groom – Prior to the shower, someone contacts the groom and asks him a list of questions (about 10 or 15) about himself and the “intended” answers.  Be sure that whatever you ask him remains a secret so that the bride doesn’t know ahead of time. Write out each question on a 3×5 index card and on the back write the grooms answers. Some types of questions can be:

1. What’s the groom’s favorite food?
2. If the groom were a superhero, who would he be?
3. What was the date of your first kiss, date?
4. Where did you go on your first date?
5. What animal would the groom compare you to? –Get creative!
At the shower, read the questions to the group. Each person writes down how many they think the bride will get right. To get the question right, the bride must match the groom’s answer. Then ask the bride the questions, let her answer, then read them out loud. It’s a lot of fun and can get very interesting.

Variation: For every answer the bride correctly gets, give her a Hershey’s kiss, for everyone wrong give her a stick of chewing gum.

Who knows the Bride Best – Only the Bride to be fills out an info sheet on herself (favorite food, restaurant, pet, place she wants to live, etc.) she should have about 20 things. For example: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What is your favorite place to eat lunch? Give the same questions to each guest and have them fill out what THEY think her answers would be.  Whoever gets the most answers right wins.

Don’t say “BRIDE or WEDDING” – Each guest receives a clothes pin as they arrive and it is explained to the guests only once: If you catch someone saying the word ‘bride or wedding’ you can take their clothes pin. At the end of the shower the quest with the most clothes pins wins a small favor or gift.

Pass The Gift Box – Take a small gift, like a pretty candle and place it in a box, then gift wrap it, but keep wrapping it with different layers of giftwrap. Play some music while passing the present around, when the music stops, the guest left holding it unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper, then the music starts again and the box is passed, then everytime the music stops, another layer is removed until someone finally unwraps the very last layer… and that is the winner.

Who am I? – Prepare ahead of time by writing the name of a famous person, singer, actor/actress on a 3×5 index card or piece of paper. As each guest arrives pin one of the “tags” on her back without her knowing her “secret identity”. The task is for the guest to find out who she is by asking others questions which can only be answered with a yes or no. This is a great way for guests to get mingling right away so they can learn who they are. First one to learn their identity is the winner. You may want to lengthen the game by offering 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Fill in the Blanks – Each guest receives a pencil and paper. The sheet contains the word “bridal” written vertically down the left margin with the word “shower” directly across from it on the right side. The object is to use each pair of letters as the beginning and end of the longest word they can think of. First word for example must begin with the letter “b” and end with an “s”. (ie. brides, bouquets, banana) Each word is worth one point, unless it pertains directly to a wedding or shower, in which case that would be worth 2 points. The time limit should be no more than 10 minutes.

Observation – This is best about 30 minutes into the party. Have everyone sit in a designated area and hand them a piece of paper and pen. Then ask the bride-to-be to leave the room. Now have each guest describe on paper everything they can remember about what the bride is wearing and to get as detailed as possible. (earrings, shoes, stockings?, make-up, watch, dress, pants, blouse…etc…) The more detailed the information the better it is. Give them 5 minutes and then tell them to stop writing. Then invited the bride back in. The winner is the person that described the most.

Who Wants To Be The Bride – Here’s how the “Millionaire” game can be adapted to your wedding shower. Rather than a million dollars, you offer a mystery gift in a nicely wrapped box. First come up with 15 questions about the bride and the groom that will lead to stories about the future couple. Then, get the correct answers add make up 3 incorrect answers for each question. Before you play, organize the questions from easy to difficult. Before opening gifts everyone is given a pad and paper and the 1st question is read and 4 answers are given, put the answers on a large piece of paper for everyone to see (one page per question). Each guest writes down what they believe the correct answer, should take 15-30 seconds. Now everyone shows the answer they selected. Those who answered correctly continue to play. Now the bride-to- be can expand on the question (How did you first meet?) while opening the first gift. The questions continue until there is just one person playing and she receives the gift. Note: 1 question is read before the opening of each gift. The combination of hearing the stories behind the question keeps this part of the shower interesting for all.

Name That Tune – You’ll need a CD player and some compact discs with compilations of songs related to your theme (Luau, 50’s, retro) or just some good favorites of an era appropriate for your party guests. Play the first few bars, and see which guest can name that tune the fastest. Keep track of points and award the winner a music CD. If your group is large, play a variation on this game. Using famous songs, list song titles on one side of a page, and the original Artists or songwriters on the other side. Make enough copies for all guests. Challenge guests to match as many as possible.

Balloon Popping Contest – Divide guests into two equal groups. About 25 yards away place two bags of inflated balloons in colors to match your theme colors. These balloons should be over-inflated to make popping easier. At the sound of a ringing bell or whistle, the first two relay contestants, one from each team, run to the bag, and remove one balloon. Each must sit on it until it pops. Once the balloon pops, the players run back to the starting line, and tag the next player in line. The first team to complete the course wins. Not a quiet game, but a guaranteed favorite!

What the Bride Says – As the bride opens each gift, have someone write down what she says (without her knowing). After all the gifts are opened, have the person read her comments back. These are the bride’s words to describe her wedding night. (Make sure your guests can handle this one!)

Spice of Life – Get as many spices together as you want and place them in unmarked, but numbered jars. Pass each one around the room and have each guest write down what she thinks it is. At the end of the game, award the one with the most correct answers the collection of spices. (Be sure to include the corresponding list!)

Mom’s Advice – Have each guest tell the best and worst advice they received from their mother or grandmother. Award a prize to the person who gives the best advice and a booby prize to the worst advice received!

Memory Game – Place fifteen to twenty small wedding related items on a tray and cover them with a lace napkin. To play this game, place the tray in the center of your guests for two minutes. Cover the tray again and ask the guests to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The person who remembers the most, wins a prize.

First Kiss – Everyone remembers their first kiss. The bride should start by telling the story of the first time she and her fiance kissed.  Each guest can then tell their story of their first kiss with their husband or boyfriend.  If there are younger guests, they can tell a story of how they imagine that their first kiss will be like.  Everyone can vote on the most romantic story and the funniest!

Famous Couples – Put in the first names. Give only about 5 minutes to guess the names. Then read the first names and the T.V. show or movie that they were from. It’s a fun game to play! Whoever gets the most wins the game.

Pinata – Buy a pinata, or make one, and fill it with cute and funny little favors, like hershey kisses, lollipops, aspirin, garter, apron, weight loss pills, etc., a lace garter (for bride), and other wedding or marriage-related toys and items. When the bride hits the pinata and breaks it, out pops out these little surprises that will make a memory of a lifetime!  After the piñata is broken open there is generally a mad scramble to collect things. The one who collects the most stuff will have to come up with innovative uses or a funny story that incudes what she has collected. It can prove hilarious.

Video Greeting Card – Set up a video camera – ready to record – in a quieter room of the house or shower location. Instruct each of the guests to sit in a designated chair with the camera already focused on that particular spot. When the guest is ready, she (or he) can push the “record” button (or have someone else push it) and record a personal “video greeting” for the bride, giving advice, wishing her well, etc.  When finished, they just stop the recording and leave it for the next guest. The host can then give the video to the bride as a keepsake. (The newer video cameras usually come with remote controls, so the guest can “record” from the “hot seat!”)

Bridal Pictionary – This game is far from picture-perfect, but that’s half the fun! To get started, you’ll need a large pad of paper or a dry erase board, markers, slips of paper and a bowl. Write down common wedding-related sayings on each slip of paper and place in the bowl. Here are some great examples: “going to the chapel,” “wedded bliss,” and “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Then, divide the guests into two teams. Each team—and team member—takes turns pulling a piece of paper from the bowl. The person who pulls must be the artist for that round. He or she draws the image (without writing words or letters) within a 60-second time limit. If the artist’s team doesn’t guess the correct answer, the other team gets a shot. The team who guesses the most sayings correctly wins.

Book of Advice – Have a polariod camera and take a photo of each guest as they arrive. Put the photos in a book and have the guests give a little tidbit of advice next to their photo. It’s a great reminder for the bride to remember her friends and their personalities.

How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom? – Before the shower, ask the groom questions about himself and carefully write down his answers. At the shower, ask the bride to predict what he said. If the answers match, she gets a prize. If the answers don’t match, the first guest to call out the correct answer gets the prize. Sample questions include, What is his favorite color? Favorite band? Favorite thing to do on the weekend? Dream vacation? Where was their first date?

How Old Was She? – Ask the bride’s mother for pictures of her at a variety of ages. Pin them to a board, and hand out sheets of paper to each guest. As they mingle and eat, they can guess what age she was in each picture. Give a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

Craft Night – Have a supply of papers, pens, paints, etc. and ask guests to write and illustrate either their favorite memory of the bride, their best marital advice, or a recipe. After present opening, ask each guest to read or explain their project, then have the maid of honor gather the pages into a scrapbook.  Or if you know how to knit, arrange flowers, make jewelry, or paint pottery, why not teach it to the guests? They’ll spend a fun afternoon learning a new skill, and leave with a project or give one to the bride. If you’re not confident in your teaching abilities, look to local stores for group one-day classes that can be booked for the day. A favorite is the paint-your-own-pottery idea. Instead of bringing a gift, each guest paints a piece for the bride in her wedding colors.

Now You’re Cookin’ – Arrange for a cooking class at your home or offsite at the local cooking school or culinary establishment.  Cooking together is great fun, you learn a new skill or recipe, and best of all you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors with your shower guests afterwards.  Roll sushi….create a lavish pasta dish…decorate cookies together!

Bead Retreat – How about making beaded jewelry?  Have your guests make simple bracelets or necklaces that they could wear to the wedding. Find a friend who knows how or hire a beading expert to come in and do a workshop, which was just so fun.
Favor It – Help the bride make her favors for her wedding!  First, find out the kind of favors the bride wants to make. You may want to go shopping with her, so you can help her pick out what she wants. You and some friends also may want to offer to pay for the favor supplies in lieu of a gift – especially if she’s paying for the wedding herself, this offer might be much appreciated.

Special Day at the Spa – Bridal showers at spas are becoming increasingly popular. The maid-of-honor or organizer finds a spa nearby and usually books a private room, or sometimes the whole spa! If the maid-of-honor is feeling generous, she may pay for small spa treatments for everyone. More common, however is for each guest to pay for her own treatments, and pitch in for the bride’s treatments. If you are on a budget, there’s no reason not to create a spa at your home. You and the other bridesmaids should bring whatever fun creams, nail polishes, and beauty products you have at your home. Have a big stack of clean fluffy towels available, and a large plastic basin for every guest to soak their feet in. Make sure you have nail polish remover for old polish, good eats, and some pretty music playing in the background. Get everyone to chip in for a spa gift certificate as a present for the bride.

My Favorite Memory – This one is good for showers where the bride has provided the entire guest list. Along with your invitation, include a printed card that says “please write your favorite memory of the bride or groom”. While the bride is opening presents, each guest stands and reads the card she brought. Typically some are funny, some are sentimental and all are enjoyable to hear. Purchase a photo album to collect the memories and photos of the party.

I Never – Players take turns completing the phrase “I never….” Example: “I never had sex at the zoo.” Anyone who has done the deed must drink while the rest of the crowd whoops and demands to know the saucy details. The seasoned guest must only give the detailed story if he/she is the only one who drank.  At a women-only shower, go all out and make the honoree blush as every detail of her once uncommitted love life comes back to haunt her. At a couple shower, keep the tone a little tamer so no one lets harmful skeletons out of the closet.

Words of Wisdom – Tuck a pretty blank card into the shower invitations and include a note asking guests to inscribe the card with their advice for a happy marriage. They should come to the shower prepared to read their card to the group. Their words of wisdom, encouragement, and well-wishing can be in the form of a recipe, a poem, a humorous anecdote, and so on. Encourage guests to be creative. After all the cards have been read, the maid of honor can compile them in a scrapbook for the bride. This sweet activity goes especially well with dessert! This is a great activity for crowds who might be prone to pooh-pooh shower games. Want an alternative plan? Have a beautiful blank book on hand at the shower, and invite each guest to write messages in the pages. Have a bridesmaid keep tabs on who signs, so that no one’s excluded.
Roast ‘Er – You could do a “roast” of the bride, view a slideshow of her growing up or do an interview with family members and the groom about all the things they love about her.

Scattergories – Hand out pieces of grid paper to guests, with the bride’s first name written out across the top margin (example: LIZ). The left margin should list several categories (for example: flowers, cities, restaurants, household products, colors, etc.) Each guest must then come up with words that a) fit each category, and b) start with the letters forming the bride’s name, writing them in the corresponding grid square (example: lilac, iris, zinnia…). They should be allowed no more than five minutes to complete their grids. When time is called, each guest must read off what they wrote. If other guests have chosen the same words, the word gets disqualified. The goal is to acquire the greatest number of unique words. Award a prize to the winner. This game can be both challenging and nerve-wracking, but that’s part of the fun. Also, debates over the validity of certain words inevitably will arise — the maid of honor may have to moderate. If the game is well received and the crowd wants to play another round, choose words like “WEDDING,” “BRIDE”, “MARRIAGE”, and “GROOM.”

Bridal Puzzle – Get a copy of the bride’s engagement photo or any other fun picture of the husband and wife to be. Have it blown up to the size of a sheet of paper at a copy store or on someone’s computer. Make as many copies as you want teams. Glue the pictures on bristol board or card stock to give them some strength. Cut each picture into 20 or more even squares and put them in an envelope (one picture per envelope). At the shower, divide your guests into teams and see who can put their puzzle together first.  If you want to make it even more challenging, mount each picture on a different colored background. Then, cut each picture up and hide the pieces or mix them up and place them in one big pile. Tell each team the color they are looking for and then let them find their pieces and put their puzzle together.

Bangle Shakedown – Looking for a fun game to keep guests as engaged as the bride-to-be? Here you have it. Before the party, come up with a short list of overused wedding-related words or exclamations (e.g. bride, wedding, dress, “Aww!”) to forbid. As each guest arrives, give her a bangle bracelet with a little note listing the forbidden words and the following rules: if someone hears another person saying a word on the list at any time during the shower, she gets to take the rule-breaker’s bangle. At the end of the party, the person with the most bangles gets a prize—plus the chic set of bracelets on her arm!

Wedding Ring Dec-a-Cake – Double the fun at your wedding shower with a tasty twist on tradition. You may have heard of the age-old bake-the-ring-in-a-cake trick: the hostess takes a toy ring or wedding trinket and bakes it right into a cake; at the shower, each guest takes a slice and whoever gets the ring is the next in line to marry her dearly beloved. Well, it’s time to mix it up a bit! Drop a single ring into a batch of cupcakes and, without telling a soul what’s inside, pass them out to your guests, undecorated. Then, give everyone a supply of frosting, candies and edible wedding decorations, and invite all to participate in a wedding-themed cupcake decorating contest. Whoever has the most unique or exquisitely decorated wedding cupcake gets a prize. Then, once you’ve called a winner—and right before everyone takes that first, big bite—let your guests know that the person with the ring will be the next to say, “I do!”

Pin the Ring on the Groom – This game can be tailored to fit the mood of any bridal shower. Start with a poster-sized picture of the groom. For a traditional shower, give each guest a faux wedding ring. For a more risqué lingerie shower, give each guest a pair of ladies’ lacy underwear. Blindfold your guests in turn and give each a pushpin and a ring or a pair of underwear. For the ring, whoever pins it closest to his finger, wins. As for the cheeky lingerie, place hooks in strategic places on the poster; whoever throws the underwear on the craziest spot, wins—plus, the bride gets to add the lacy confections to her collection!

Oven Mitts n’ Hose – People always ask why on earth a game would pair oven mitts with a pair of pantyhose. The answer is simple: it’s a hilarious combination! Have all the guests line up or form a semi-circle in the front of the room. Give each guest a pair of oven mitts and a pair of knee-high pantyhose. With the bride acting as the referee, tell the guests they must put on the mitts and race to be the first to pull up both knee-highs. The fastest wins a prize—and everyone gets a good laugh.

Disney Trivia – If the couple plans a Disney World honeymoon, create a Disney trivia game or Disney characters naming game. A good one is pictures of all the Disney princesses; guests need to write down each one’s name.

The Price is Right – Purchase ten household items such as cleaners, polishes, detergents, soaps, cloths etc. Alternatively you could make a list of these items with the correct price, although it is more interesting if the items are on show. The guests have to guess what the total price is of all these items and write this down on a notepad. This game could be particularly suitable for the Room of the House or the Kitchen theme showers. The person who gets nearest to the correct total is the winner. You could also extend the game by having people guess the cost of individual items or pairs of items. This game can be played by the guests individually or in teams.

Tossing Bouquets – You will need 1 paper plate for each guest, materials to make a “bouquet” for the bride- construction and tissue paper, pipe cleaners, ribbons, etc. and glue.  Everyone is going to make a “tossing bouquet” for the bride. Give each guest a paper plate, and make sure everyone has access to the decorations and the glue. Give everyone only two minutes to glue anything they want onto the plate for the “perfect” bouquet. Let the bride decide which bouquet is the “best” after two minutes (not very much time at all). Have the bride toss the fake bouquet like she will do at her wedding. The guest who catches the bouquet, according to superstition, is the next in line to wed. Both guests – the best bouquet and the catcher – win a prize.

Donut Challenge – You will need a clothesline and one powdered donut for each guest.  String donuts along clothesline by tying a string through the hole and holding it in place with a clothespin. Have each guest stand in front of a donut with their hands behind their back. Instruct them that they have one minute to lick as much powder off the donut without it crumbling. Guest who has licked off the most powder without donut breaking and hands remaining behind their back at the end of one minute wins a prize.

Love Will Melt Your Heart – You will need ice cubes, red hots or other heart-shaped candies, and dixie cups.  Prepare ice cubes by placing a heart-shaped candy in each cube before they freeze. Drop each ice cube into a dixie cup and distribute to guests. Instruct them that, without touching the ice cube itself, they can use any body part to warm the cup to try and melt the ice. The first person to melt their ice cube enough to retrieve their candy wins the game. Hilarity ensues as guests use various body parts to try to get their ice to melt. Game can run simultaneously while food is being served, etc.

Name That Love Tune – You will need a tape of bits of 10, 15, or 20 love songs and paper and pens for each guest.  Played like “Name That Tune”, except with paper and pens. Play the bit of a love song, and each person writes down their guess for song title and the artist. Give guests a certain amount of time (like 5 or 10 seconds) between each tune to guess before moving on to the next one. The guest with the most correct answers at the end of the game wins.

My, How You’ve Grown! – You will need 5-10 old photos of the bride-to-be, ranging from childhood up through pictures with her fiance. Pass around photos, one at a time, and have each guest make a guess as to which year the photo was taken. The guest who comes closest to guessing the correct year for each photo wins a prize.

Recipe for Romance – You will need pen and paper for each guest and a hat or a bowl.  Have each guest write down what they think the perfect “recipe” is for keeping romance alive in a marriage. Don’t have them sign the paper. Drop all the recipes into a hat or large bowl. Have one person read all the recipes aloud while the other guests try to guess who wrote which recipe! Guest who has guessed the most correct authors wins a prize.

The Wedding Alphabet Game – The game involves a combination of wit and intelligence. The game is simple; the host initiates the game by describing a wedding item, ritual or tradition starting from the letter ‘A’. They will include in their sentence the item or the culture starting from ‘A’. The next guest adds another item or anything after that sentence starting from ‘B’. This game continues as the sentences keep on building. If a person is unable to add an item of the letter they get, they drop out. The guest who stays longest wins the game.

Charades – Charades is widely known and played all over the world. This game can be played anywhere and everywhere. The game involves intelligence and recognition power. There are two teams made out of the guests. One member of each team has to perform a mono act on the name of the actor or a movie given secretly to him. The guest only has to perform and not speak. The name of the character or the movie has to be guessed by his team. Within a time frame, if any team member guesses the correct name, his team gets a point. In the end the team with maximum points is declared as a winner.

Karaoke – Forget dignity. Karaoke is the great leveler, and guests of all ages can unwind and enjoy the fact that the quality of their performances is secondary to the pleasure one gets from belting out a song in a way that is usually limited to private shower performances. While this is not a shower for the faint of heart, and it does buck the “civilized afternoon tea” shower tradition, with the right crowd it can be fun, memorable and easy to plan. If you don’t have a karaoke setup at home you can rent a private karaoke room (typically $50-$100 an hour, depending on the size of your group).

Tattoo You – For a really unusual shower, let guests experiment with body art. Hiring a temporary tattoo artist can be a terrific way for people to bond over the short-term transformation. Guests who already have tattoos can plot what their next piece of ink will be and everyone will be back to normal before the wedding. A more budget-conscious option is to buy an assortment of high quality professionally designed temporary tattoos that guests can apply themselves at the shower and indulge their imaginations.

Fortune Teller – Weddings bring out everyone’s mystical side (consider the bouquet toss that supposedly predicts who will be next to the altar). Embrace the future with a professional fortune-teller or tarot card reader who will predict potential excitement for guests. Everyone comes away with the fabulous party favor of something to look forward to.

Makeup Artist – Keep a few make-up kits handy with slightly garish colors or the brighter ones that you never end up using. Have the bride sit in the center and have some of the bridal party like the matron of honor, bridesmaids, etc. apply makeup on her, blindfolded. When they are done, reveal the results. The entire process can be a scream! Don’t forget to take a few photographs as a keepsake.

Poker / Bridge – It’s fashionable, doesn’t take long to learn, and any number can play. A few rounds of poker will get everyone in the mood for fun. A poker shower is easy to assemble — just grab decks of cards, chips (or use quarters/candies/cookies), and snacks that can be eaten without having to show your hand. Even if your guests don’t become card sharks, they may master a poker face that will come in handy during wedding reception toasts. Want a new spin on a traditional poker game with the gals?  Write down 8-12 topics, one topic per piece of paper that would allow guests to tell stories about the bride-to-be. Example Cutest Story, Humorous, Drinking, Naked, Dinner Time, Teenager, etc. – vary the topics so all can share. Pick a topic from the bowl each person that has a story they want to share makes a bid and shares the story. The story that makes the bride laugh, cry, or turns her red the most, wins.

Wedding Bloopers – Find funny wedding videos amongst your family and friends (or even from and watch them with your guests while enjoying some gourmet popcorn!

Bride of Frankenstein – Separate everyone into groups. Give them a bag of miscellaneous makeup. Have them chose one person in their group to put the makeup on. The group with the worst makeup job wins the prize.

Prize Auction – The Prize Auction party game is the perfect way to end your bridal shower! It’s easy and keeps your guests sticking around until the very end, anticipating the fun that’s in store! Not only is the Prize Auction a super fun way to end your party, it’s also very easy to prepare and all of your guests will love it! At the end of the party, you’ll be auctioning off prizes to the highest bidder. To play this game, you’ll need play money, blank envelopes, gift bags or wrapping paper and inexpensive prizes. Put the play money in envelopes, with one bill per envelope – they can be different dollar amounts in the envelopes. While you’re playing games, the top five winners will choose a random envelope with the play money inside. At the end of the party, give every guest an envelope with a random amount of money inside. Now it’s time to start the auction!  Hold off a prize and start the bidding!  Every prize is wrapped, so none of the guests really knows what they’re bidding on and therein lies the fun!  The person with the highest bid opens the bad and sees what they have won!  Make the game even more interesting by mixing in some good prizes, some practical jokes and some gag gifts.

Gingerbread Design – I’m the gingerbread man and I can I can! Here’s a great bridal shower game to play at your next event. If you will host a shower that invites both men and women, this bridal shower game is perfect! Gingerbread Design is a must if you are having a couples shower. Have enough gingerbread men prepared for each guest to have one. Gather plenty of decorative items, these can be edible or non-edible or a mix of both. On the day of the shower have the men decorate their gingerbread man as a bride, and the women decorate theirs as a groom. The real bride and groom get to pick the best gingerbread couple. This is a simple game that just takes a bit of planning beforehand, but a game that everyone will love to play! The prize will go to the best gingerbread man and best gingerbread woman! These could be fun party favors or even the gingerbread men!

Hula Race – Get in shape with the hula hoop race. Here’s an easy bridal shower game that everyone can enjoy. All you need to do is to remember what it was like to be a kid. The hula race will bring back the child in you. You will need several hula hoops, one for each guest participating. Challenge the guests to a hula race to see who can hula the longest. The last person left with their hula hoop spinning wins the game. Think of a great prize for the winner! Perhaps they could get to keep the hula hoop It is a simple game and it can be a lot of fun especially when you provide party favors as gifts for all the participants! Who knew it would be so hard to do this at your age?

Black Magic – One of the hilarious bridal shower games is ‘Black Magic’. In this games, one of the bride’s close friends (the conspirator) conspires with the bride before the shower gathering. In the gathering, the conspirator casually mentions that over the years she and the bride apparently have developed an extra sensory perception (ESP) that allows them both to read each other’s mind. The bride affirms and, out of curiosity, the guests may want to know if the conspirator and the bride can display the connection. The bride is asked to leave the room and the crowd, including the bride’s ESP mate, selects an object to be guessed by the bride. The bride is called back in and the conspirator points to various objects in the room, asking ‘Is it this cup?’, ‘Is it this chandelier?’ etc. The bride will know beforehand that the correct object is the one pointed to after a black colored object. And she yells ‘Yes!’ when her friend points at it. Some acting skills are needed to make sure the bride and her friend don’t mess up.

Bridal Jeopardy – Create a pool of questions about the bride and groom and print them onto cards that get mixed up in a punchbowl. As each one was read out loud, the guests wave an auction type paddle to answer the question and whoever gets it right takes home a fresh rose from the buffet centerpiece.

Potluck Surprise – Ask each guest to bring a dish that represents an aspect of her relationship with the bride. For example, if they met in grade school, the guest could bring miniature peanut butter-and-jelly tea sandwiches. Or, if the guest is a relative, she could make a family specialty they ate together at holiday gatherings. To personalize the gift, have each guest bring the entrée in a serving dish that the bride can keep – this could be anything from a salad in a salad spinner to Swedish meatballs in a crock pot or cookies on a baking sheet.

How You Met The Bride – Ask each guest to bring a small, inexpensive item that represents how she met the bride. For example, if they met on the school playground, the guest could bring a skipping rope. Ask each guest to place the item into a large vase at the door. Once everyone has arrived, have the bride choose one item at a time, guessing which of her guests brought the item – and why. By the end, the bride will have told a personal story about each guest – and how all of their lives are intertwined.

Croquet and Bocce – If you are planning a garden party, then lawn games such as croquet and bocce can add that fun, competitive edge and get people out of their chairs and mingling. Croquet and bocce sets are reasonably priced, but if you’re on a budget then ask around: someone is bound to have a set stashed away in the back of their garage or in the attic.

Bride and Groom Documentary – Home movies of the bride and groom as children are a wonderful way to mark the passages in their lives and also relive some amusing moments. You’ll need to check with the couple’s parents and arrange a preview session in order to select the most appropriate clips. Another nice activity for the wedding shower that most people don’t think about, is if the hostess, or the maid-of-honor, or the mother of the bride-to-be, puts together a video of the bride-to-be’s life, up to the present. It can be a fun way for guests to remember things about her, and it can be very sentimental for the bride. A person’s life changes so much when they marry, that it is fun to have a “documentary” of life before marriage, with the bride-to-be as the star, with her friends and family all there with her. If someone is good with a PC, a CD can easily be made from home videos or from still photos. If the CD is made from photos, it can be set to music. If you don’t know anyone that can do it for you, ask around. Many people know other people who do this on the side, as a hobby. If you still can’t find anyone, look in the phone book for people or small businesses that make CD’s, call around, and then, check on line. You will most certainly be able to find someone to do this and it is a great way to make it a day to remember for the bride-to-be!

Music To Your Ears – If you have a musician in your midst, invite her to perform for the party, either as background music or as a featured soloist. The bride-to-be can suggest the selections or the musician can provide a list of special pieces from which she can choose. This would be especially delightful for a garden party.