Muslin Bags

Description: Our muslin bags are made of 100% cotton unbleached muslin fabric and come in 2 sizes — 3″w x 5 “L and 4″w x 6″L. These simple, yet elegant, muslin bags are ideal to hold wedding toss or confetti. These muslin bags can also be used to hold potpourri as a sachet, or for packaging herbal bath salts, soaps, tea, candy, cookies, small gift items and more. THese bags are suitable both for holding gifts and for small scale makers of soap, who wish to package their soap attractively.

Size/Packaging: 3″W x 5 “L and 4″w x 6″L

Uses: Use these muslin bags to make your baby shower favors, bridal shower favors, sweet sixteen party favors, quinceanera party favors, wedding favors, baptism favors, christening favors, and more.

Cost: 3″W x 5″L size: sold in a pack of 10 for $4.50

4″W x 6″L size: sold in a pack of 10 for $6.00

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