Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Need some wedding food ideas? You’ll find some tips below to help you make better decisions about the food served at your wedding.

The first decision that has to be made about your wedding food is whether you will hire a caterer or prepare and serve everything with the help of family and friends, of course.

Basically, a caterer will be more expensive but less time-consuming on your part and, therefore, less stressful. On the other hand, buying and preparing the food yourself will save you quite a bit of money.

A caterer can provide professional service in the preparation, presentation and serving of the food. Can you provide professional service by preparing and serving the food yourself? This depends on your volunteers.

If you plan to use a caterer, be sure to request a tasting session before signing the contract. Verify the quality of of the food and it’s preparation.

Even if you choose to cater the event, ask for the caterer to prepare the food for self-service. This will greatly reduce the cost since there will be no need for waiters and waitresses.

Get an accurate count of your guests. Running out of food sends a very negative message. Of course, having way too much food, adds an unnecessary expense to an already expensive event.

One tip for choosing wedding food is to opt for simplicity. If you serve foods that you know a majority of people like, you are sure to please.

Finally, serve your guests as quickly as possible. It is normal for guests not to eat before attending a wedding in anticipation of the food that will be served at the event. Hungry guests make for irritable guests. To keep your guests happy and the event joyful, serve the wedding food asap. In Italy it is common to serve a Wedding Soup, a rich and satisfying soup with beef meatballs, pasta, vegetables, onion and Parmesan cheese cooked in a pressure cooker. You can find books on pressure cooker recipes here.

With these wedding food ideas you should be able to make more conscious decisions about how and what you want to serve your guests.

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